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Top 5 Most Popular Shooting Game Overview 2018

When you think of the shooter’s game, it’s thinking of labyrinths. Among the first periods of the shooting game (FPS – First Person shooter) is Maze War of 1973, Maze War is the first shooting game and was developed by high school students Greg Thompson, Steve Colley, and Howard Palmer during a program of work and study of NASA, using Imlac PDS-1 and PDS-4 minicomputers.

The Overwatch shooting game is the most popular game of 2018. It is played mostly in the US. Overwatch one of the best and best video games this year. This first-class graphics marvel offers a first-person Team Team Shooter experience with a variety of unique characters and plenty of space for the game.

Top 5 most popular shooting game is the following:

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Love it or hate it, it cannot be denied that Call of Duty is the most successful FPS franchise in the history of video games, launching twice a year for a number of millions or pre-orders and one-day sales. The formula for military arcade action, the killstreak rewards and, perhaps most importantly, the RPG load and the progression of gratification, all started with the revolutionary, innovative and excellent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. And yes, there was a time when revolutionary and innovative words were associated with a Call of Duty game.

4. Halo 2

In addition to being one of the best first-person multiplayer shooters of all time, loaded with classic maps, cool weapons, fun vehicles and unlimited customization of players, Halo 2 was the most powerful application for online multiplayer. The Halo 2 party system was the first time that friends could band together and KEEP together after each game. Now we take it for granted, but it was years before other online games could catch up. It includes an epic story with incredible graphics and one of the best soundtracks of games in the history of video games.


3. Half Life

This was not an easy decision. There are many things that Half-Life 2 does better than its predecessor, but when it comes to pure action, level design and shooting, the original Half-Life comes out on top. With an infamous opening sequence, fantastic shootings and an exhilarating story of a normal day of work that went horribly, terribly wrong, it is difficult to overcome the adrenaline experience of the first Half-Life.


2. Doom

Doom may not have been the first shooter in the first person, but there is no doubt that without him, this list would not exist because neither would any of these other games. Doom changed everything by mixing an incredible feeling, great weapons, menacing monsters, a sublime level design in a long and disturbing campaign that could be played in cooperation with friends. And, by the way, Doom also invented the multiplayer mode of Death Match. Launched in 1993, Doom is so good that, somehow, it’s still incredibly fun today.


1. Counter Strike 1.6

The game Counter Strike 1.6 is perfect, or so close, that in the 17 years since it debuted as a mod for the Half-Life engine, it never had to evolve. The Counter-Strike balance of sublime weapon mechanics, precision movement, deep strategy and a ceiling of infinitely high skills were and are the gold standard with which all competitive FPS games are compared. Quite an achievement for the design of a game in 1999. To master this game is to master the essence of what first-person multiplayer shooters are its core, and what makes them rewarding. No classes, no burdens, no benefits or progression … just pure skill, strategy, and teamwork.